Healing The Planet

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It is our duty to heal this planet and make this world a divine space to live in


  1. Where are we ? who are we ? has been forgotten with the system creating a human race to a rat race.

  2. The rat race has stripped our world of meaning. In the pursuit of material gain and exercising excess, the abilities that assist humankind have been neglected: storytelling, making with intention, designing with beauty, action with conscience, and creation with love are lost arts. Through service to humankind, meditation, and higher education; I work to improve the minds of American students. I use your work as examples in my Color class as we learn about mandalas. Is there a documentary on your process and philosophy? I would like to show this in my classroom. Thank you for your contribution through art. I have enjoyed your work for many years.
    Carrie Ann Baade, MFA
    Assistant Professor of Painting at Florida State University

    • Dear Carie,

      Thank you for your kind words ! It would be nice to come visit you and actually show
      your students the real thing.



    • Dear Carrie,

      I would be more than happy to come share my art with your students and explain some of my mandalas.

  3. Hello Romio, blessings and namaste, Dear One! I met you in Hawaii and purchased your book, Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery. I have shared your book with many friends and they have been inspired and deeply touched by your art. Thank you again for your offerings and great visions. May we all awaken to the energy of love and open to receive the blossoming of the divine feminine. Please enjoy my light body art website @ http://www.jillbanting.com
    Blessings of Light, Jill
    Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    • Thinking about you ! This year my message is to awaken the Light Body in the Human race !

      • Yeah! What a great message, Romio. Blessings to the whole earth and the emergence of the new light body, the Divine Feminine matrix of higher dimensional light that is our true inheritance and fulfillment of the Divine Plan on Planet Earth!! Blessings, Jill

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  5. Hello, i am from Spain and i just want to say that i love your work its inspirational to me. Are you a Thangka Master yet (do you still teach the art or just share?)? i know that you have a school at Nepal, wich its the real path to become a sacred artist?, what do you think of the human skin like canvas (like a sacred tattoo)?

    I hope the best for you and yours

    P.D: Do you know the copyleft mouvement, the open source, the free culture….

    • I think it is a good idea. I would like to do a book for tatoo work.

  6. Dear Romio! I am sitting in house in Greece and I feel very blessed to have found a fantastic copy of Goddesses of the Celestial Gallery. In the back of the book, it is mentioned that you also take students in India and Ireland? I would be very interested in knowing, if such opportunities still exist? All my best wishes for you!


    • cool come visit

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