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Compasion is the secret of lifeforce. the more compassion you generate in your mind the more energy you have in life.


  1. There is no secrets in life other than you are a divine being deep inside

  2. Hello Romio, so glad to see your new website up and running! I agree with you, compassion is indispensable, but I also think it must be balanced with wisdom and equanimity. I practice at Three Rivers Dharma Center, a small Drikung Kagyu center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. As a massage therapist, herbalist and crystal healer, I feel a special affinity for Medicine Buddha, so I am very excited to see that your Medicine Buddha garden mandala will soon be available as a thangka. Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world!

  3. I agree with you compassion, and it’s powerful force is a subtle, delicate secret.
    ( Imagine if everyone knew what you know? )

    Imagine if everyone exercised compassion, instead of complaining?

    Thanks Romio for letting the secret out; to all those who listen with grace.

    Ah, what a world that will be! What a paradise earth is, alas! anything is possible.

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