In this lifetime, my Monastery will have no walls.

- Romio Shrestha -

Sanctified Solutions Bazaar

Sanctified Solutions was incorporated in early 2011 by Romio Shrestha and his partners, Bryan Hudson, William McCauley, and Adam Apollo.  Together, they will be creating a variety of beautiful expressions featuring elements of the ancient and modern Thangka arts, including stylish clothing, journals and books, gorgeous giclee prints, and many other items.  As these items become available, they will be featured on

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About Romio

Romio Bahadur Shrestha was born into a Newar family in Katmandu in Nepal. When he was five years old, two Tibetan Buddhist monks arrived at the door. Romio, they said, was the seventeenth reincarnation of the master Tibetan Thangka painter Arniko and they gave to him a stock of valuable art materials, explaining that he would, one day, form his own school of painting.

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Explore the T'angkas

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